Plaza Is Giving Away Vintage Slot Machines

Joker Wild coin poker machine

The Plaza has a promotion for the month of October where they are giving away a dozen vintage slot machines to its slot players. The machines are the old coin machines with such names as Joker Poker, Dueces Wild and Catch the Heat. The machines are not compatible with the latest slot technologies such as tracking play and slot points.

There are two promotions where you can win a machine the first is through a video poker tournament that occurs every Tuesday in October. The winner of each week’s tournament will receive a classic coin operated slot machine as the grand prize.

The second way to win one of the vintage slot machines is the players club point challenge which runs from October 1st to 29th where players can earn points though the month; The points can be earned on reel slots, video poker as well as video keno the top eight players with the most accumulated points over the month will win on of the coin slot machines.

Sorry out of state visitors but you must be a Nevada resident with a valid Nevada id and of course 21 years and older as well as a member of the Plaza’s Royal Rewards players club. The winners will have seven days to pick up their coin machine and will be responsible for future maintenance.

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