Is Downtown Las Vegas Safe?

I get asked often if visiting downtown Las Vegas is safe, well the short answer is generally yes. I presume when people ask they mean mainly . talking about the tourist areas;

Let’s start with Fremont Street Experience area under the canopy, this area is heavily traveled and has lots of private security, police presence as well as often casino security near their entrances. The area not under the canopy to the Downtown Grand from Fremont Street is also well traveled with security as is Fremont East down to the El Cortez and Container Park.

Outside these areas such as walking over to the California, Main Street Station or even Gold Spike i have never had an issue and i have been visiting Downtown Las Vegas regularly since 1984. I have also walked most of Downtown without an issue but use common sense like you would if you are traveling or closer to home.

Generally downtown Las Vegas is very safe but you have to use a little common sense just like you would in your own town. Below are a few safety tips.

  • Be aware of your surroundings with people and things around you
  • Don’t get distracted by music or your cell phone
  • Don’t flash money around
  • Stay in well lit and traveled areas
  • Groups are always better than traveling solo

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